Customized Cleaning Service was founded in 1988.

Jacquie Heitmeyer, President

Hollie Wackernagle, Office Manager

15 Maids or what we prefer to call them

"Domestic Goddesses"

At Customized Cleaning Service, our employees are VERY important to us!  After all it is our Domestic Goddesses' loving hands that clean your Home!

We retain the Highest Quality House Cleaning Staff in the House Cleaning Industry.  The Majority of our House Cleaning Staff has been with us between 6 and 15 years!  This is one of the reasons that we can offer you the same House Cleaning Team and Excellent results every time that we Clean your Home!

Customized Cleaning Maids are paid above average wages for the House Cleaning Industry!

Customized Cleaning Service pays for half of their employees Medical Insurance.

Customized Cleaning Service also offers it's employees affordable Dental Insurance and Afflac Insurance.

Customized Cleaning Service gives every Employee one week of paid Vacation and all other time off is paid for with Bonus Money from a Positive Performance Program.

The way our Positive Performance Program works is:        We ask you the Home Owner to call or email our office and let us know how your House Cleaning Experience went.          Each positive Client report equals 1 point.  40 points equals 8 hours of pay!  Our Maids can use these points to pay themselves for days off, or turn them in for cash!                 With this program you the Client are giving the Maids a tip, however Customized Cleaning Service is paying for the tip!

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