Welcome to Customized Cleaning Service, LLC.

Customized Cleaning Service Offers:

Dependability - Your house cleaning maids will be there on your scheduled cleaning day.

Your same team of maids cleans your home each visit.

All house cleaning supplies and equipment are provided by Customized Cleaning Service.

We feature Ecolab professional cleaning chemicals so that we can offer your Family the finest, healthiest cleaning experience possible.

Customized Cleaning Service maids are bonded, insured and thoroughly trained.

Customized Cleaning Service is a member in good standing with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The Heart of our Philosophy at Customized Cleaning Service is Dependability and Consistency.

Two things you can count on on your scheduled cleaning day:

Your maid team will be there to care for your home.

Your home will be thoroughly cleaned.

Below is a list of the house cleaning tasks that our maids complete in your home every visit:
Dust all woodwork, including baseboards, door frames, doors, window frames and sills, stairways, banisters, cabinets.
Dust all blinds-ceiling fans -cobweb.
Dust all furniture with a no wax build up polish or murphys oil soap.
Dust all furniture including top-front-sides-legs of each piece of furniture.
Move and wipe everything on furniture and shelves.
Shake out all doilies-runners and table cloths.
Dust all picture frames and glass cleaner on glass fronts.
Dust all items hanging on walls
Wipe all return air vents-switch plates-lights-light bulbs-lampshades.
Clean all glass interior and cabinet doors-glass entry doors and sliding glass doors on both sides.
Spot clean all glass windows.
Clean all mirrors.
Vacuum all carpet and rugs-edge carpet as needed.
Vacuum and wash all bare floors.
Clean and disinfect all surfaces.
Move and wipe clean everything on counter tops.
Wipe all cabinet fronts and knobs.
Clean the faces of all appliances and the top of the refrigerator.
Clean the microwave inside and out.
Wipe clean the table-chairs-light fixtures.
Scour and shine the sink.
Vacuum and wash the floor.
Clean and disinfect all surfaces.
Move and wipe clean everything on counter tops.
Wipe all cabinet fronts and knobs.
Clean and sanitize all sinks.
Scrub-sanitize-rinse all showers-bathtubs-spray bleach on any mold or mildew.
Clean and sanitize all toilets inside and out.
Clean and shine mirrors-chrome.
Vacuum and wash the floor.

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