We Only Hire the Highest Quality Maids
One of the most frequently asked questions when performing an in-home cleaning analysis is:
What is the process that Customized Cleaning Services goes through in hiring a professional housecleaning maid? 
This is a great question!
Customized Cleaning Services has a very elaborate New Hire Screening Process.
We do this to protect our company and our very valuable clients!
Many of our employees have been referred to us by existing staff members or are in some way related to existing staff members.
We always look for long term Employees/ Maids.  Most of our House cleaning Maids have been employed with Customized Cleaning Services between 6-16 years.
This Maid retention statistic speaks highly of how Customized Cleaning Services takes care of our highly valued "Domestic Goddess's" that take care of your Home cleaning needs.
Customized Cleaning Services Hiring process begins by requesting that a potential new hire
either fax or email their resume to our office.
Customized Cleaning Services then schedules an initial interview.
The potential Maid has to complete a 4 page job application that was prepared specifically for the Services Industry by an Attorney.
Hollie, our Office Manager reviews the application with the potential new Hire/Maid.
Hollie verifies all information with the Applicant.
Hollie explains the History of Customized Cleaning Services and what our Cleaning expectations are.
Next, Jacquie the President of Customized Cleaning Services performs a second more in depth of character interview.
The Applicant is then told that Customized Cleaning Services will schedule a second interview if both the 3 year work history and police record check pass our approval. 
During the second interview we explain the steps that must be followed when cleaning a client's home.
We also go over all of the rules and regulations in our employee handbook.
All newly hired maids work with a training team for a minimum of 4 weeks.
After the 4 weeks of in-depth training, Jacquie has a meeting with the training team to figure out if the maid in training qualifies to be hired as an employee.

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